Thursday, 10 September 2009

Connect Windows To Linux The Easy Way

This guides about a little piece of windows software but i feel its usefull for linux users too because if like me youv spent ages messing around with samba trying to allow your windows partition to see the files and folders in your linux partition and no matter how many guides you follow still cant get it to work then this is deffinetly for you.

The reason i want to be able to see my linux partition when im using windows is to transfer files back and forward without having to resort to my usb flash stick all the time, so heres the easy way to do it you just need to install a little program into windows called "Ext2 IFS". Once you install the program then click start, control panel and you'll notice a programe called IFS Drives, just open that program and it will show you all the drives on your PC, your linux drive should be the one thats marked with the Ext2 file system all you have to do is assign a drive letter to it from the drop down list and voila you can now see your linux partition when you go to "My Computer".

Please remember though that by doing this you could be allowing any viruses you have on you windows box access to your linux partition so be sure to change the drop down box in IFS Drives to none when you dont need access to you linux box.

Heres a download link for Ext2IFS

and heres the homepage for more info

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